Saturday, October 2, 2010

Smoothing Your Path Ritual

Sometimes, the path we are in life seems to be nothing but one long, pitted gravel road.  The obstacles are both big and small.  We can see where we are going because we are concerned with avoiding the big ruts and holes.  The roughness of the road wears us out.  Or so it seems.

When we feel this way, it is often difficult to make progress; it is also often an illusion we have created.  All life paths have bumps in the road, but how we deal with them makes the difference in how much they affect us.  If we focus too much on our fears and failures and inconveniences, we miss the beautiful things we can see along the way.  We miss the forks in the road that allow us to change where we are heading. 

We can smooth our path in a variety of ways: meditation, hard work, or changing our perspective all work beautifully.  The following ritual can help you readjust your thinking and mentally pave the way to change.

You will need:

lemon oil
lemon juice
oil- olive oil, unscented massage oil, almond oil- something you don't mind rubbing on you body
a jar

The best times to perform this little ritual is:

during the new moon
at dawn
(It can be done anytime, but coordinating moon phase and/or time of day can help get your message through to you and to the Universe)

Mix equal portions of salt and sugar in the jar.  Add 1/4 cup lemon juice and 13 drops of lemon oil.  Stir these together with a non-metallic spoon.  Add oil to make a loose paste (in my experience, adding oil to the top of the salt/sugar mixture is about right).

Take this mixture into the shower with you and use it as a body scrub.  As you smooth your skin, imagine that smooth translating into smoothing your life path.  It is removing the roughness.  It is nourishing and sweetening your life.  lemon invigorates the senses.  It cleanses negativity (and jealousy, as a friend of mine from Peru says).  Salt absorbs negativity and is great for skin softening.  Sugar helps to complete the smoothing process but it also adds sweetness to life.  Showers are a good place to sympathetically wash a way the bad parts of your day or your life.  The warm water reminds of us the need for warmth in our relationships.  Water facilitates emotional communication.  And you have to shower anyhow, so why not use the time for self improvement?


Welcome to my second blog!  This is a little different.  Weekly, I will post new spells, meditations and magical recipes.  Most of these will be modified from other sources, while others will be my creations.  Some ill be serious, some will be silly; magic is all around us and can be used for fun and celebration just as easily as it can be to help solve problems.

I believe that each of us, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, creed, religion or ethnicity has the power to shape the world around through magic.  You may call this magic prayer or spell or consciousness, but to me they are all the same.  They are all a communion with he Universe and energy around us with the intention of bringing forth a new reality.

The processes for making this communion are simple.  First, identify what you want and what you need.  Rarely are these the same, so spend some time thinking about this.  Second, decide to change your reality.  Third, be specific about your goals and then act them out through ritual.  The last steps are the hardest: Be open to change, work towards your desires, and be grateful for new opportunities.

Happy Spelling!