Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cooking and Magic

We are all aware of the stereotypical witch cackling and stirring her cauldron.  Cauldrons are symbols of the divine feminine power of creation.  According to Erich Neumann, a psychologist and one of Carl Jung's students, the cauldron and the cook pot in literature, mythology and dreams stands in for the womb.  Hearths, stoves and kitchens are related to the near universal and well known connection between women and the home.  These powerful and deeply rooted symbols can be useful to us today.

The next time you are cooking for guests, or even just your family, remember this connection.  Cooking is both creative and nurturing.  Stir your cooking with intention.  Clockwise or sunwise to increase positive feelings or growth.  Stir counterclockwise, or widdershins, to decrease negativity, banish bad feelings or lose weight.  Intention is the key here.  This is a simple way to make the frequently mundane task of cooking a bit more magical.

Stir your cauldron and tend your hearth with purpose and creativity.  There is magic everywhere, if you know how to look for it.