Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grow Your Prosperity Spell

In this society, we all need money.  Times are tough right now, but it is a great time to start thinking about what prosperity means to you and how to increase the energy of abundance in your life.

Start by looking determining what means prosperity to you.  Does it mean living free of debt or owning a home or having money to pay for your retirement?  Whatever the answer is, it reflects who you are.  Now write it down.  Be specific about how you define prosperity.

Put this piece of paper in an empty plant pot along with a few coins.  Now fill the pot with potting soil and plant a sturdy, healthy plant in it.  This plant represents your prosperity.  Just as you will need to be responsible with your money, you will need to care for this plant.  It will serve as a reminder of what you want.  Talk to it as it grows about your future.  As it grows, so will the seed of prosperity that you have planted in your consciousness.

You can adapt this spell for the garden by leaving out the flower pot.  Customize this to your lifestyle, preferences and needs.  Happy planting!