Monday, February 28, 2011

The Electronics Protection Spell

If you are like me, your aura is a little hard on your electronics.  Around me, computers regularly have bizarre problems that clear up after I leave the room.  Why?  Who knows?  May it's my psychic powers or my strong personality.  Maybe I carry around a bunch of faeries that like to play with electronics?  Maybe I'm a gremlin.  All I know is that I have toasted motherboards and killed watches.

To combat this rather annoying and problematic issue, I have come up with a simple spell.  All you need is salt and quartz crystals (big or small is up to you).  Sprinkle a small amount of salt on your desk before placing your computer.  Visualize the salt grounding all excess energy before it reached the device.  Place quartz crystals on the case or under it.  The quartz crystals absorb errant energies so add one to area where you have electronics, like your entertainment center, your workspace or your purse.  I keep them on my computers, in my car (for some reason, British cars are prone to mysterious electrical faults that disappear as soon as the technician looks at it- even if your technician is your husband, like mine is) and my purse.  Since I've started doing this, my devices last longer and have fewer shutdowns.

Electronics are now such a huge part of our lives that these obnoxious little psychic outbursts are usually completely frustrating.  If your computer has power blips or simply doesn't want to cooperate, try this little spell.  Maybe it's you and not the machine causing the problem.  If this doesn't work, try an energy cleansing for you and your space.  Happy Spelling!