Monday, March 7, 2011

Hot Chocolate Quick Money Manifestation

This is a favorite spell, adapted from Lexa Rosean's "Supermarket Sorceress" book.  I've used it many times, as have most of my friends and family.  It works great for manifesting small amounts of money ($50-$100 at a time) in a relatively short period.  The best part, though, is that you get to have a nice cup of hot chocolate.

You will need:
a mug (green, gold, yellow or white are the best colors)
some hot cocoa or hot chocolate (mix is fine...dark chocolate is best, from a health standpoint as well as from a magical perspective)
cinnamon (ground or stick)
5 minutes

Make your hot chocolate, add a bit of cinnamon and stir clockwise.  Focus on the specific amount of money you need (like I mentioned before, small amounts work best) and when you need it.  Sip your hot chocolate, thinking of the prosperity you already have (with gratitude) and the prosperity that will be coming to you. That's it.  Easy, right?

In my experience, this spell works by revealing money that I had forgotten about, like rebates, stock dividends, and repayment of old loans.  Sometimes it is a tip or an unexpected opportunity to earn a little bit more money than typically flows in.  Once, it even manifested itself in the form of money in the pocket of an old coat.  Be open to possibility and let the energy flow into you.  When it happens, be grateful and delighted.  May you find prosperity and happiness!