Friday, March 18, 2011

Daily Cleansing Ritual

Sometimes, yucky energy just builds up in our life.  It weighs us down and pollutes our mood.  I designed this ritual for myself when my oldest son was still very small and needed me all the time.  Getting a daily shower was not easy; time for meditation or self improvement was completely out of the question.  The cloud of bad energy and exhaustion followed me everywhere, wearing me down and making me feel less like myself.  Once I realized that taking a few minutes for myself was not being selfish, I began to feel better.  This ritual made it possible to get physically clean, but also emotionally cleansed.

Gather all of your shower things, shampoo, conditioner, soap, tooth paste, tooth brush, wash cloth (whatever you routine is will work).  Start the shower and undress.Take a deep breath of cool air, and step into the shower.

Start from the top.  As you shampoo your hair, say or think to yourself "I wash negative ideas from my mind". Visualize the negative washing down the drain along with the dirty water.  Condition your hair with the affirmation "I nourish myself".  Now wash your body starting with your face and moving down.  Send pain, illness, exhaustion and stiffness down the drain too.

Now, inhale deeply, with gratitude for the air that fills your lungs and carries your voice to others.  Feel the water run along your body, cleansing you and representing your emotions.  Be grateful for the warmth that comes from fire, let it warm your heart, making you open to positive feelings and experiences.  Fire lights your way and chases away darkness, even as it provides heat. Feel the solidness of the ground.  It stabilizes you and bears your weight.  Imagine roots coming out of your feet and connecting you to the land. One more deep breath, and you're done.

I sometimes take this ritual one step further and brush my teeth and tongue, affirming that I will not speak negative thoughts.  Lotion can be a way to mental smooth out the rough spots in your life (or shaving).  This only takes a few seconds longer to do each day, but it allows you to privately have a moment of spiritual time, in an otherwise hectic life.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The New Home Spell

Finding a new home is not easy.  A number of factors influence your choice from price to size to location to energy, it is a complex and often emotional process. This simple ritual helps you to focus on what you need and stay in a positive state of mind.

 When the time comes to start looking (whether you are renting or purchasing) start by making a very specific list of what you need.  Include things like price, size, and location.   Don't forget to contemplate the type of neighbors you want and the feel you need. Do you need lots of light to be happy, or are you looking for privacy? Solitude or community?  Be specific (I know, I say this all the time).

Write these down on a peace of green paper.  Place the paper under a candle someplace you will regularly notice it (when I still had an old console TV, this was a perfect place, because I saw it all the time).  Light the candle for a few minutes each day and go over your list.  Start your search saying "The right and perfect home will come to me".

Before too long, you should start noticing your search closing in on the perfect new home.  If you are not finding the perfect space, evaluate your list.  Are you asking for something that is extravagant or are your ideas contradictory to each other?  If so, figure out what you need the most and revise your list.  Never be afraid of self reflection.  Happy house hunting!