Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The newness of Spring and Art Therapy!

Spring is finally in full swing, and boy, am I celebrating!  I've got lots of inspiration, lots of energy and lots of excitement.  I will be posting to all three blogs more regularly, and with the help of guest bloggers, we should have a great variety of projects, recipes and spells posted here.

Today is our first guest blog.  Brittany offered to help me find some inspiration and one of her ideas was so great, I asked her to post it here.  I hope you enjoy the change of pace, and if you have a great idea, or special recipe you would like to share, send me an email or post a comment.  Happy Spring!  

-The Cauldron Keeper

My name is Brittany and I am from Columbus, Ohio,though I spent majority of my years outside of Columbus. I have had the chance to travel a little within the states! I now reside in a small town called Waverly in Ohio,with my three year old son. Currently he and I both are getting our schooling off the ground! He will be attending pre-k and I will be attending an online college for business. 

I am very open to any type of conversation, and I enjoy learning more about people. Most of all,the spirituality of people. Being a studious person,I love to learn something new whenever I can! Meeting new people and visiting new places! Hey,I even like trying new foods when I can!

Finger painting therapy

Finger painting has been a past time for kindergarteners for many years! Did you know that finger painting has a therapeutic element? Or that it could relieves stress? Maybe even shed some light on a hidden talent. Whether you are doing this indoors or outdoors,it can be an easy clean up. So fear not a colorful mess! Gather the kids up,we're going outdoors!

Here's what you'll need!

 Various paints/color: Non-toxic water-based paint
white poster boards
one mop bucket of water:for easy clean up!

If you don't own an easel,you can lay your poster boards on the ground. Or you can put up a clothesline along the side of the house,maybe in the back yard. Use clothes pins to hold up your poster boards,and the side of the house as your flat surface. With water-based paint,the hose should wash that paint right away! If you are working with the kids,you could play a fun game of finger paint eye spy! To do this you can say I spy:maybe something green:: On and on giving out hints while the others paint what they think it may be. Once you have given out maybe three or so guesses,and everyone has finished their painting. Let's see who figured out what you were spying!

What makes finger painting therapeutic:This is a calm and quiet activity,using various colors to express ourselves. The settings can be changed,see what you can come up with. If you would like to be indoors,candlelit with some soothing music. Or outside in the woods or beside a river. You can take finger painting where ever you wish. Using your fingers is a big factor. Using our fingers helps us let go,remember your inner child,and see what knowledge he/she holds for you. Just letting go a bit will release more stress and tension than you can imagine. I dare the most neat..dirt defiant person to try this activity just to see how they feel afterwards!

Another finger painting activity,try finger painting when feeling different emotions. When you are angry,when you are sad,or just having fun! Certainly each painting will turn out different,later you can look back on your paintings and decipher them for yourself! Anything goes,and nothing has to look like anything. Just dip your fingers and go. No need to worry about what colors you are using,or how you picture is looking...not until you are done. Look at you finger strokes and colors. You are telling how you feel,without saying a word!

When working with children and teens who do not often like to share feels,this is a fun start. Allow them to make their own,then later they can talk about their painting with you and the feelings incorporated into their art. Slowly but surely talking about feelings will become an average thing. But don't rush! When tensions are rising high,gather up the family for some finger painting fun!