Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Keeping your feet on the ground

For some people, keeping their feet on the ground comes naturally.  they are steady, earthbound creatures who never need to be reminded that you can only build on a stable foundation.  They are the anchors and kite strings for their more free spirited friends and family.  I'm not terribly free spirited (yes, I have my moments, but I typically mange to stay somewhat grounded), but my husband is my kite string, so I never have to worry about floating away, even when my head is floating among the clouds.

Dreams and imagination are wonderful, beautiful powerful things, but there are times when it is in our own best interest to come back to Earth and stay for awhile.  It can be difficult to remember why we are doing this, especially when the clouds look far more appealing.  This next meditation/visualization can help you to focus on grounding yourself, while still allowing you to touch the sky.

Go outside and find a place where you can safely and comfortable stand bare footed.  Stand there, straight and tall; now, inhale deeply and hold that breath for a moment.  Release it slowly. Wiggle your toes into the soil.  Feel it push against the soles of your feet and in between your toes. Imagine roots extending from your feet and toes and digging slowly into the earth below. Continue breathing, deeply and slowly, as you mentally extend your roots into the land.  See them interact with the other plants' roots and the underground creatures.  Feel them funneling strength and energy up into you.  Being earthbound, does not mean missing out on excitement or beauty or imagination, in simply means that you stay connected to world.  Inhale deeply again and raise your arms to the sky, like a large, beautiful tree.  Even with your feet on the ground, you can still touch the clouds, it's simple a matter of stretching while staying secure. Exhale, and you're done.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes about grounding:

"Quick Faery Tips for Earthing
Stroke your feet gently with both hands, each one for five minutes. You can also check for holes in your socks while doing this.

Paint your toenails bright red: then your toes say a cherry (or should that be cheery?) "Heya!" to you when you look at them, and this reminds you to keep them on the ground. Even when you can't see them, it will probably still remind you, especially if you are a man."

-"The Faeries' Oracle: Working With the Faeries to Find Insight, Wisdom and Joy" art by Brian Froud, text by Jessica MacBeth

Monday, May 2, 2011

Creating Magic

Spells (magic) are, to me, simply symbolic, physical representations of a thought, desire, need, wish or prayer.  They are stages on which you can act out, with the appropriate symbolic props your intentions.

I believe in creating my own spells.  A book can give you an idea or a guide, but in the end, it must make sense to you.  I also don't think they have to have a lot of words (I NEVER bother with making rhymes, as some people insist upon) or fancy trappings.  Simplicity and directness can be extremely important to creating exactly the message you are sending.  It all, of course, depends upon personality.

I also think symbols that work for you are important to success.  For example, lots of people think the scent of lavender is relaxing and calming; I don't.  It reminds me of being stressed.  Obviously that means I shouldn't use for the purpose of relaxation.  A friend of mine likes roses, but wouldn't consider them for her wedding bouquet because the only men who had ever given her roses, left her.  Romance and roses don't go hand in hand for her. If you have particular dislike for a spell element, replace it with something that speaks to you.  This goes for herbs, colors, tools and words.

If a spell of ritual is too complex, makes you feel self conscious or silly or is prohibitively expensive, it won't work for you.  A spell is guideline, not a formula.  It doesn't have the power, YOU do.  Really.  If something feels wrong while you are contemplating or performing a spell, it's not right for you.  Look for something else that make sense to you.  Trust yourself.