Friday, June 10, 2011

Kitchen Spices and Herbs with Power

You might be surprised to find that some of your favorite kitchen spices are tasty and magical.  The kitchen cupboard should be the first stop when looking for a little magical help in your life.  There is absolutely no good reason why herbs can't do double duty, after all, waste not, want not.

Basil is great for banishing negative entities, protecting against bad luck and attracting wealth, not to mention is absolutely delicious with fresh tomatoes and a little mozzarella.  It's also easy to grow (particularly as a companion to tomatoes) and has fresh, distinctive scent that livens up the late summer garden.

Garlic, it shouldn't astonish anyone, is protective.  It banished spirits, deters thieves and of course, chases away vampires (including the psychic ones).

Cinnamon vibrates with healing energy and and brings success.  Sprinkle some in your morning coffee or add a dash to a chocolate cake.  Boil cinnamon sticks on the stove to scent the whole house and to increase spirituality.

Ginger can add zip to a dish or soothe a stomach ache; it also is a powerful draw for love and money.

Rosemary, as Shakespeare so famously reminds us, is a symbol of remembrance.  It increases our mental powers (try wearing rosemary oil on your collar when studying) and purifies the air.  It is also a grat protective herb.  Try it on roasted potatoes for a tasty meal that promotes a good self image.

Sage is cleansing and clearing.  It promotes wisdom and longevity and helps wishes come to fruition.  It's also wonderfully tasty on poultry.

So many herbs and so little time (or should that be thyme?),  in the future, look for more magical herbs and spices, along with enchanting vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts.  Next time you prepare a meal, add a little magic to the cauldron.  Eating your intentions is a powerful act of sympathetic magic because you are literally internalizing your intentions.  It doesn't get more basic than that.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fun things for the kitchen witch

Kitchen witchcraft invites fun and creativity into your life and, especially, into your kitchen.  Seemingly ordinary herbs and spices are often potent magical ingredients.  Your favorite stockpot, well that is your cauldron.  The world is full of magic to embrace, but a little inspiration never hurts. To celebrate the creativity, fun and magic of kitchen witchery, I've spent some time searching through etsy for some fun and magical tools, decorations and adornments.  Take minute to look at the work of these talented craftspeople who have perfectly captured the joys and magic of kitchen witchcraft.

The Broomchick


The broom is one of the enduring symbols of the witch, and it is also an incredible old tool.  Your broom sweeps the floors free of dirt and debris, but it can also sweep away negative vibes and stagnant energy.  To make your sweeping a bit more magical, try one of Broomchick's handmade brooms.  The carved faces and beautiful colors make these brooms beautiful, functional and enchanting.  I actually have one of these brooms (it was part of my wedding ceremony, and remains a unique and powerful keepsake of a happy day).  These brooms would also be a great wedding, hand-fasting or home warming gift.

Rain's Obsessive Stitchery

Tea Towel Embroidered with Cauldron

Rain's Obsessive Stitchery offers a variety of magical, cute and useful tea towels embroidered with fun, witchy designs, like goddesses, holidays, cauldrons and broomsticks.  Add a little magic to the kitchen with some inexpensive and charming towels.

Halloween Painter Primitives

Primitive Witches Stovetop Burner Covers Halloween Decorations Witchcraft Tea Cats Kitchen Sit a Spell magic Wicca Witch Handpainted

Halloween Painter Primitives offers a variety of fun, enchanting signs with primitive style witches .  These burner covers are unique, fun and a great way to cover up ugly stove burners.  They are a little bit cheeky and  unlike any burner covers offered in the hardware or home goods stores.  If burner covers or witches don't appeal to you, check out the quotation signs and places.  Update:  As of June 9, 2011, Halloween Painter Primitives is closing their etsy store; however you can still find all of these great pieces at .


Cauldron in Bluebell

I have to admit to being hopelessly in love with ceramics.  Prehistoric, modern, it doesn't matter.  I also love cauldrons, so this immediately caught my eye. This ceramic cauldron is easily one of the prettiest I have seen.  Functional, pretty and unusual, this symbol of magic and creation can be use to burn incense or hold things like your kitchen twine.  Antb offers lots of other ceramics as well, including pagan themed items.  

Goddess in the Groove

Goddess in the Groove offers a selection of one of a kind kitchen witch dolls.  Imbued with personaity and magic, these very reasonably priced dolls are fun and adorable accents to your kitchen and will definitely inspire some witchcraft and laughter.  Pick one out that looks like you or makes you smile!

Please take some time and check out these artists.  They keep the spirit of kitchen witchcraft alive, vital and fun.  Etsy is a great venue for find handcrafts and unique gifts that have character and spirit.  I owe each of these talented people a big thank you for allowing me to feature their work and their photographs (which by the way all belong to the respective shop owners).  May all of you be blessed with much creativity, prosperity and success!

May you kitchen be blessed with laughter, magic and creativity!