Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fun stuff for the Witchy Gardener

Since last month's product feature was so wildly successful, it's now a monthly event.  Look for the new feature during the first week of the month (around the 7th).  This month, the theme is gardening.  So many of us witches garden, or admire gardens, and there is a particular magic to be found in the green, growing things of the earth.  Enjoy, take a look at these artist's shops, and comment!  Also, at top of this blog post, you can vote on next month's theme.

The Bohemian Goddess

Custom Witch Hat Summer Garden
Every witch knows that too much of anything can be dangerous.  Keep the sun off your face with this unique, fun and enchanting witch hat from The Bohemian Goddess, or just wear it to your next tea party.     It combines summery flowers with a rustic rough edge along the brim and flowing, feminine tulle.  Charming, fun and a little different.

The Prince Street Hideaway

Why should gardening gloves be boring to be functional?  Try on these cute weeding gloves decorated with purple and gold stars to keep your hands clean and safe from the sun. 

Garden Jewels

Moon and Star, Floating Glass Art Sculpture, for Water Gardens, Outdoor Rooms, Home Decor

If you've a pond or a water feature, this next bit of garden witchery may be perfect for you. Add some magical decorations to your garden pond with these floating glass sculptures.  They add a splash of color, shine and uniqueness to a water feature.  The magical moon and star designs are funky, mystical and cute, all at once.

Water Energizer- Plus,  also known as a Heddeka or Triskele
Speaking of water, try these copper Heddekas to energize water. Drop one in your watering can, fountain or well to increase vibrations. The creator of these triskelons very kindly sent me on to try.  The energy around it was amazing. I have a few plants on my balcony that have been ailing, in spite of all my best efforts and hopefully, watering with energized water will help to perk them up (It did!). Changing the energy  around your garden can increase it's overall health. These Heddekas are lovely to look at and very powerful. If you are interested in making your own, or just seeing the process, take a look at:

Nature Inspired Crafts

Windchimes are garden staples.  They come in a dizzying variety of designs, but these are a bit different; they sparkle!  Green pendulum points and clear tear drop prisms combine to send sound and sparkles around your garden.  Capturing and scattering light adds a touch of pixie dust  and crystalline music to the garden.

Crystal Windchimes Sharply Dressed

Just a reminder, all photos are property of their respective owners.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Energy cleansing for jewelry and crystals

Objects can carry energy, jewelry and crystals, are particularly problematic because we often carry these close to us.  There are many ways to cleanse these energies, some are complex, others are simple.  As you may have noticed from other posts on this blog, I prefer simple methods.

Salt sprinkled on an object is a great, all around cleanser; however it is not useful for certain delicate gemstones, like opals or pearls (not a stone, I know, but a frequent component of jewelry).  For these, I recommend a psychic cleansing, wherein you visualize removing all foreign vibrations from the object.  Simple see the thing bathed in white light.  If you get the impression of any stuck on energy, simply let it drift away.  You can also sprinkle all four elements over the object (for example- sprinkle sand or earth, water, pass though the smoke of a fire or incense).  You can also add sage, sandalwood or myrrh oil to water energized under the new moon.  Spritz the jewelry or stone with the mixture.  You can also use it around the house to banish negativity.

If you like vintage jewelry or flea market finds, you might bring home a bit of bad energy.  It's easy to get rid of it.  This goes for stones you bring home to do energy work or for healing.