Friday, July 15, 2011

Fruits for Magic-Apples

Apples are a common food for many of us.  The are harvested in the fall and can keep, in cool, frost free conditions for quite a long while, they have been a winter staple food in North America and Europe. Apples have a rich and varied folklore.  Associated with beauty, love, seduction, death, wisdom and immortality, their uses are widespread.

The folklore belonging to apples stretches far into the Western past. they are native to Central Asia, and Alexander the Great is believed by some to have introduced them to Macedon and Greece. In the United States, the legend of Johnny Appleseed, a pioneer who supposedly planted many of the trees through out the Eastern United States is still repeated.  The current imagery from the myth of Adam and Eve, portrays the apple as the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge (in Elizabethan England it was the quince).  Apples are the iconic instrument of poisoning Snow White, and the food of immortality in Germanic pagan lore (part of the bobbing for apples tradition at Halloween).  They are the namesake for the isle of Avalon, and part of the cause of the Trojan War.  Apples are associated with teachers and good health as well.

With such a rich body of mythology surrounding them, it should come as no surprise that they are powerful magical ingredients.  Cut across the waist, an apple reveals a dainty five pointed star.  They are used in beauty magic (and in many cosmetic products).  They are associated with both death and immortality in Arthurian legends.  Apples attract love, and also figure in seduction magics, as they are largely recognized as the forbidden fruit.  Apple blossoms do not produce an essential oil, and all scents sold as apple blossoms are chemical approximations of the scent.  The seeds are mildly poisonous.  With beauty and danger rolled into one package, use apples in your spells, especially when balancing two seemingly opposite desires.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Custom Spell Candles Now Available in my Etsy Store!

I don't usually advertise my own stuff here, but I thought that I would announce my new service, available on etsy:  I will formulate custom spell/intention candles for you, and then charge them under the appropriate moon phase or time of day.  Good spell work requires nuanced intent.  Having a candle formulate for your exact purpose can help you focus your energy into success.

These will cost $20 and will take up to a month to create, if I have to wait for the proper moon phase.  I have a variety of oils to use in balancing intent with a pleasant scent.  If you are interested, send me a conversation on etsy, detailing what you want, and I will help you pick the perfect oils to scent you candle with.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Travel Protection

I'm getting ready for the family road trip to Colorado, in a British car that likes to randomly turn on the check engine light (it thinks it is all very funny, I think it just want attention, it is a teenager after all).  To help ensure our safe, non-eventful trip, we will be offering sacrifices to the Jaguar gods and checking our horoscopes.  Okay, maybe not all that, but I will be send good behavior vibes to our sweet little white kitty.  Then I will be invoking some negative energy absorbing magic.

To keep your family safe during car travel in general, keep a piece of hematite in the glove compartment or map case.  This gunmetal grey shiny stone absorbs negativity and radiates protection.  For plane travel, you can find inexpensive rings made of hematite that you can wear on your finger, hold in your pocket or hang from your necklace.  Ruby jewelry is also very protective, of course, it is rather expensive.

Peppermint oil is an excellent choice for travel protection; it covers nasty travel odors (like the day old french fries the kids have wedged into the seat or the smell of little boy feel on a hot day), but it also inspires travel and protection at the same time.  Perfect, right?  Mugwort and yellow mustard also are good choices.  Dab a bit of oil onto a white hankie, wrap around your hematite and visualize a white light armor surrounding you, your family and the car.

One last tip, get a small representation of Hermes (or Mercury) the messenger god of the Greeks.  He is a trickster god, you love mischief, but he also protects travelers, as he is the ultimate traveler.  Honoring him is sure to protect you as you travel.

May you have safe and happy travels, free from meddlesome car gremlins and the dastardly radar gun!