Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fun witchy things to wear

Sorry for the delay- it's been a busy week since I got home.  I will try to be on time next month. With everyone in and out for vacations, it's been very difficult to line of items for this treasury.

The witch and what she wears are legendary.  From the macabre to the offbeat to the sexy, witches and a sense of style go hand in hand.  This month I've picked some clothing and accessories to create some magic.

Sweetpea & Fay

Witches Brew, Handcrafted Mineral Eyeshadow, 5 Gram Jar with Sifter

This gorgeous purple mineral eye shadow from Sweetpea & Fay is magical- smoky, shimmery and mysterious. It's also called Witch's Brew.  Use it as an eyeliner, wet or dry to add a bit of enchantment to your beauty routine.  I use it to play up the green areas of my eyes and create a sexy, smoky eye look without being too dark. Very reasonably priced and the shop offers many other colors if purple isn't your thing.

Witchesnstitches Hats

witch hats, hand embellished, unique

I love hats, especially witch's hats.  This shop offers a variety of witch's hats with a bit of a twist on the shape and trims.  This particular hat is finished with netting and a handmade spider pin.  Very fun!  I had a terrible time picking just one hat to feature, they were all so fun.  

Holy Clothing

If you are looking for flowing dresses, skirts, blouses or pants, look no further than Holy Clothing.  They offer a wide variety of pretty, interesting and hand dyed clothing manufactured in India. They've been around a while, and there is a good possibility that you have seen their romantic gypsy chic pieces at renaissance or psychic fairs.  They also offer nearly all of their pieces in plus sizes!

Add some witch to your wardrobe and try some of these out.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Feature is delayed

I am frantically working to get this month's feature completed.  Between my trip, a bad sunburn (and I mean BAD) and few last minute issues with the items I'd originally picked out for the post, I am very behind.  Hopefully I can get it completed by Thursday.  Sorry.