Thursday, August 18, 2011

Berry blessing for kids

It's time to sent the little ones back to school, and it's great time to do some protective magic for them.Berries are symbols of Mother Goddesses in many cultures.  Mother Goddesses protect mothers and children alike.

Let the kids strip down for this one.  A bath with berry scented soap, a drink of juice and a batch crayon are all you need.  Wash the kids from head to toe- visualizing nice, clean, shiny auras as you go.  The kids can help with this visualization.  Once clean, let them drink the juice, leaving a bit as an offering.  On the bottoms of their little feet (or big feet as the case may be- my eight year old's feet are as big as mine) draw a pentacle for protection. Then let them rinse their feet and pour the juice down the drain or into a plant asking for protection. (You can do this step silently yourself too).

For kids whoa re very sensitive, have them visualize shiny, strong armor around them keeping out the bad feelings and negativity that are common at school.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Missing: 1 notebook, 3 pens, and my brain

I have somehow mislaid my research notebook, along with the Magical Fruits info.  I am certain it will turn up, along with my brain at some later date.  In the mean time, I apologize for the wait.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Completion- The Mourning Doves

A few days ago, our mourning dove nestlings learned to fly.  They have left the nest to live their lives.  It has been  amazing to watch this cycle.  From mating parents and building the nest to watching the little ones practice flying on the balcony, it has really inspired me.

The cycle is complete for the moment, but soon, it will begin again.  Life goes on, regardless of the issues in human lives.  That is both comforting and right.