Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Using jewelry as magical reminders

When you work a spell, that intention does not automatically diminish.  Energy still needs to be fend into your request.  If you do a spell and then ignore it (with the exception of a few spells for getting rid of things), it loses steam pretty quickly.  A small reminder or memento can help you to continue to focus over the long term.

I like jewelry for this purpose.  It's small, common and able to be camouflaged.  You can use an existing piece for this, but do remember to cleanse away the energy already associated with the piece first.  I like beads for this.  They are often inexpensive, available in many colors, materials and shapes, and you can put together an assortment to best reflect your intention.  Lately, I have been wearing a bracelet of fluorite beads with a butterfly clasp to keep me balanced and remind me that transformation is taking place.

When you have a long term goal in mind, try wearing a piece of jewelry to remind you to keep pouring energy into your intention.  Focus is the key to success.