Friday, September 16, 2011

Go Stacy!

I know some of you already know Stacy Evan's blog "Inspired by Life".  She is a complete sweetheart.  She also has just had her Samhain cookbook published as an e-book.  It'll be available October 1.  The link to her blog is on my blog roll.  Woo hoo, Stacy, I'm so excited for you!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bird Omens- Cranes

The creek that runs alongside my son's school is, at this time of year, a muddy, weedy place with only a few inches of water running through it.  The other day, however, I was surprised to see a snowy white crane among the bright green weeds.  At first it was merely resting, but after a few minutes, it began to carefully comb the stream for food.  It got me wondering about what sort of omen this bird might be.

I have rarely seen these birds.  the first time left an impression.  While driving through Washoe Valley, Nevada, my mother pointed out one sitting on top of a huge bale of hay.  She told they were good luck, and that she'd only ever seen them a few times.

Cranes are fairly common birds as depicted in Eastern art.  In China, they are symbols of wisdom and long life.  For ancient Egyptians, they were messengers from the deities.  In some Celtic stories they were omens of death.  They even feature in many Native American tales  Some people even think they ward away demons.

These beautiful, often endangered birds have been associated with many different ideas in many different cultures.  If you are fortunate enough to spot a crane, ask yourself what it might be telling you.  For one person the it may be a message from their gods, another might see only good luck.  Interpretation of any symbol depends largely on the question.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Product Features: Let the Harvest Begin!

The harvest season began recently and there is work to be done in our gardens, in the feilds and around the house.  This month I've got several really nice Harvest themed items for yu to check out.

MrHudon's Herb Drying Rack

Hanging Herb Drying RackHerbs dry best when gently hung, carefully spaced and left alone.  This handy little rack is great for drying bunches of herbs.  Imagine bunches of lavender, rosemary or thyme from your garden livening up your winter cooking.  This rack is also really reasonably priced at $14 (I have seen them in the kitchen shops around here for much more).

Mud and Twig Jar Labels

Fall Harvest Mason Jar Labels - u pick - set of 12 - made to order

Let's face it, canning is a chore, but it's so much fun to gift homemade goodies to our friends.  These cute jar labels add some fun and a homey touch to canned goods.  Lot's of images to choose from, so you can really make these your own.

Blackbird Soap Company's Harvest Moon Soap

Harvest Moon - Soap
I haven't smelled this yet, but I loved the picture, the colors, the label.  Then I red the description.  MMMmmmm!  This handcrafted soap is made in small batches mango butter, honey, aloe and rice bran.  It also screams fall, so it would be a great addition to the bathroom for a bit of autumn inside.

As always, the pictures belong to their respective owners.  Please take a minute to visit these craftspeople's etsy stores.  Their creativity and skills make the world a more interesting place.  Purchasing from artists and craftspeople also preserves valuable traditional skills and stimulates economic growth at very real and personal level.  Happy harvest!