Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Witches' Tea Party

I'm longing for fall weather, Hallowe'en and a tea party.  Take a look at this etsy treasury I put together for a bit of inspiration. Feel free to post links to your etsy treasuries in comments.

 The Witches' Tea Party

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Equinox!

Today is a day to celebrate the balance that comes before the shifting balance of light and dark. It marks the changing of the seasons.  Times of transition are a wonderful time to reach out the faeries and other spirits of nature.  They exist in the between, so equinoxes, as well as dawns and dusks, make it a bit easier to contact them.

Leave them some wine and bread or a couple of cookies, and ask they help you along your spiritual path.  They can be excellent guides if you accept that they are not human and don't care too much about our day to day to lives.  Their wisdom is of balance and nature and of the long term.  Existing outside of our type of time makes them very clear sighted.  They enjoy growing things and humor, so take care of your houseplants and gardens if you want them to be comfortable.  They also like jokes (especially if they are the ones playing them) and laughter.  Pretty music is also a great way to invite them in.

May your harvest be plentiful and your workload manageable.  May the Good Neighbors (faeries) coax you, gently, along your spiritual path, and may the beauty of the season seep into your soul.  Blessings to you in all that you endeavor!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Using jewelry as magical reminders

When you work a spell, that intention does not automatically diminish.  Energy still needs to be fend into your request.  If you do a spell and then ignore it (with the exception of a few spells for getting rid of things), it loses steam pretty quickly.  A small reminder or memento can help you to continue to focus over the long term.

I like jewelry for this purpose.  It's small, common and able to be camouflaged.  You can use an existing piece for this, but do remember to cleanse away the energy already associated with the piece first.  I like beads for this.  They are often inexpensive, available in many colors, materials and shapes, and you can put together an assortment to best reflect your intention.  Lately, I have been wearing a bracelet of fluorite beads with a butterfly clasp to keep me balanced and remind me that transformation is taking place.

When you have a long term goal in mind, try wearing a piece of jewelry to remind you to keep pouring energy into your intention.  Focus is the key to success.