Friday, November 4, 2011

November artists- Jewelry!

I love jewelry, in spite of the  fact I don't wear it much lately (kids are hard on that pretty, sparkly, fragile stuff).  I have found some really neat, affordable and unique jewelry items for this month.  I'm very excited and this feature came together so easily (which I am taking as a good sign).  I'm also a little early this month (fora change).  Enjoy!

Crone's Magical Crafts

Symbols Of The Goddess, Charm Bracelet, Amethyst ,Wiccan,pagan,Witch,witchcraft,metaphysical,new ageThis bracelet combines beads and charms to make a funky representation of Goddess symbols.  The materials are varied- glass, amethyst  jade, crystal, and silver toned.  Very witchy, pretty and fun.  Lots of other chunky bracelets to choose from in great colors.


Swirl Flower Silver EarringsSanfranblissco's earrings are amazing.  I've been trying to feature these for months, but things hadn't worked out until now.  These floral spirals are truly magical and affordable pieces from an artist local to my area (which I am thrilled to be able to feature since I really believe in shopping locally when at all possible).  She also offers pieces in wood, horn, and bone too.

Rockinstone Jewelry

Leather and Copper Cuff Bracelet Floral Hand Stamped Anais Nin QuoteThis bracelet is a great everyday piece.  Crafted from leather and copper it's got a primitive vibe and a tough, modern look.  I love the quote, too. A great reminder to nourish your soul.

The Silver Branch

Fairy Wing Earrings, Handmade, ooak, Night WindThese fairy wing earrings are fun and unique bits of magic.  They really look like shed fairy wings.  Other colors offered and each wing is special.  Iridescent, small and unlike anything else. Note- no fairies were harmed to make these.

Start your holiday shopping soon and remember to promote art, social justice and creativity by support artists and craftspeople rather than corporations that mass produce products.  A bit of magic can brighten anyone's day and the prices on these items are incredible.  Thanks to each of these craftspeople who have been kind enough to allow me to write about their work.

Blessings to you all!

As always, the images belong to their respective owners and are used with permission.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Feast for the Faeries

Tuesday morning, on the way to school, the conversation turned to faeries.  My boys have decided to make a feast for the Good Neighbors.  We have laid out milk, honey, whiskey and bread for our friends to remind them that they are welcome here and to offer our thanks for their magical presence in our lives.  In days past, this was a more common practice, but one that I, personally, love.

Leaving a gift for the spirits and beings that influence your life is another great way to invite magic in.  It represents sweetness and richness and obligations between worlds.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Samhain and the Drawing winner!

Happy Samhain, my dear readers!  May your day be blessed with magic.

Using the random number generator at, we now have a winner for the October give away- artCain! Congratulations to you.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and Kat for offering the prize.