Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pagan Craft- A Pentacle Wreath

'Tis the season for wreaths and decorations.  If you're Pagan, Wiccan, or Heathen, there isn't a lot of pre-made decor for you unless you adapt other items or make your own.  Sometimes this is much easier said than done.  I have a pentacle wreath that I hang on the door each year.  The base is very simply and I change the decorations yearly.

You will need:

One grapevine circular wreath
One star twig or grapevine wreath
brass tone florists wire

Fit the star inside the circle.  Rotate it a bit to find the best placement.  Use florist's wire to secure the star points to the circle.  Continue wrapping wire around the wreath to make spaces to hold decorations.  The color match should be pretty close between the wire and the grapevine.  If you want, wrap wire the opposite direction from the original wrap to form a grid pattern.

Now you can use silk foliage, ribbon, or dried plant material to decorate the wreath.  If you use wire to secure everything, you can unmake the wreath and redecorate next year with a  slightly different theme.

Here's my "finished" wreath for this year.  After I hang it, I'll adjust things to look best in the position it's hung.  After the holidays, I strip the wreath down to either redecorate for spring or to pack it away.

Happy Yule!