Saturday, December 17, 2011

Old crafts, modern lives

There was a time when people spent more time crafting things. They spun much of their own yarn, built their own homes, and prepared their own food.  Necessity made people jacks of all trades.  Most of us are pretty specialized now and have lost touch with old crafts.

Old, traditional crafts like spinning, pottery and carving have largely died out, but from time to time, they experience a renewed interest.  I think this is because people begin to feel lost without tangible connections to their past.  Most of us are not tied by the past to the places we now live.  Ancestral homes are a thing of the past and many of us have few historical keepsakes from our families.  This anchorless feeling leads us to seek out ways to hold onto the past, whether it is through genealogical research or learning a tradtional craft.

For me, I've picked up crochet and am trying to learn spinning.  I'm looking for easier ways to bake bread than the way I learned from my grandmother, and my husband wants to try brewing his own beer.  There is also a magical feeling to holding a completed project in your hands.  Given the time, money and energy to try an old fashioned craft, which one would you choose?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sharing the magic

The season for celebrations and gift giving is nearly here.  This is a perfect time to spread some positive energy.  A simple way to spread some energy is to wrap your home made treats (which can be magical in and of themselves) in paper or fabric of a color that symbolizes your wish for the recipient.  Try green or gold for prosperity, or purple for healing.  Magic doesn't have to be overt or recognizable for it to work.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Did I do that?

Do you keep track of your spells?  I do, informally.  Lately, I've found that I had forgotten quite a few done in the past.  I usually have a very good memory, so it was a bit befuddling to find notes, packages and empty bottles of oils that I couldn't identify.  Then things started happening. Things I wanted.

It would appear that while I was being frustrated and cranky that thins were standing still, everything was lining up for change.  Suddenly, my husband's pay plan at work changed (see that money oil worked), and we have an offer in to buy a condo.  Several draining individuals have also become quiet and less of a nuisance.

Moral of the story: Don't give up just because you can't see something working.