Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cooking and emotion

Last week was not a banner week.  It started out alright but quickly soured.  My mother-in-law ticked me off on Monday.  Monday and Tuesday were spent trying to prepare for Spring Equinox (my house was a disaster and all my plans kept being rearranged). My grandmother died on Wednesday.  I spent Thursday and Friday wrestling with the decision to go or not go to the funeral. My husband had to work Saturday, which left me home with two bored, noisy boys on a rainy day with a migraine.  On top of all of that, my cooking has been off all week.

I keep burning things, under cooking things, or just plain messing up recipes I've made dozens of times.  It's been very frustrating. I actually managed to mess up stew (I know, right?).

I had vented my frustration of Facebook Friday night.  A good friend, who not only studied anthropology with me in college but also patisserie and baking, commented that one of her instructors used to say "Happy cooks make happy food".  She went on to point out that if that was true, then the converse must be as well.  Suddenly, I felt less like I was losing my mind and more secure.  I'm having a rough time and if it shows in my writing, in my art, in my daily interactions- basically all the things I put my energy into, why shouldn't it show in my cooking?

I often cook with magic.  Ingredients have magical connotations, and I certainly have been known to pour a bit of energy into the pot as I stir.  When we're down, we are just as able to influence the energies around us, but the results are not the same.  I think it's time to cleanse the energy of the house, especially in the kitchen, and then make some happy food.