Friday, May 4, 2012

The container garden experiment

Last weekend, my family and I cleaned our tiny apartment backyard and started a container garden for herbs, fruits and veggies.  After five hours, we finally finished, and now we are excitedly waiting to see some sprouts.

Using clearance rain gutters from the local Ace Hardware, a sheet of ply wood, and coir to help with moisture control, we planted five varieties of greens (spinach, butterhead lettuce, oak lettuce, black lettuce, red leaf, and lettuce rouge), easter egg radishes, strawberries, tomatoes, and several kitchen herbs, I think we're going to have a some nice summer eating.  I also made moss graffiti paint to decorate the plywood, and over the next few weeks, I'll add some more strawberries and herbs (and some flowers to ward off pests).  I'm also hopeful that my blackberry bushes will bear fruit this year.

When things get going, I'll share some pictures and any observations I have about this style of gardening.  I'm also excited to see what all of you have done with your gardens.