Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Local magic

I saw a link to a blog post on another blogger's Facebook page that really got the wheels in my head spinning.  The post was about the magical properties of Spanish Moss (here).  Well, Spanish Moss is pretty rare around here, but for many bloggers I am friends with, it is ubiquitous.  As I am trying to reduce my carbon footprint, I am looking locally for more and more things.  This isn't easy during times of economic hardship, as many stores are not carrying as great a variety of items as they did a few years ago.  It occurs to me that I should also be looking for local sources for my magical ingredients.

Spanish moss would be an import item for the California Bay Area.  This means that not only would I have to pay for the moss itself, but I would also be having it shipped hundreds, maybe thousands of miles to me.  To me that seems silly.  If I need a protective herb, Scotch Broom would be a good choice.  It is used extensively for landscaping around here.  I could walk a block and find some.  Periwinkle, Rue and Vervain are all options as well. Blackberry would be another option.

My point is this, as people who understand that all of nature is powerful and connected to the Divine, we should also appreciate our local ecologies. Learning a recognize the local weeds and flowers means that we can also make use of the magic that literally grows at our feet.  This saves money and reduces pollution by eliminating the need to ship dried herbs over long distances.  It also connects most directly to the source of all magic- Nature.  My only work of caution is this- don't pick or anything you don't know what is.  If in doubt, wear gloves and look things up at your local library or online.  Be safe, be responsible, be curious, and be creative.

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