Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Beginning!

Happy New Beginning!

I decided to start this year a little late due to life events that were out of my control & I recruited "The Cauldron Keeper" on my brilliant plan as well.  Instead of fighting it or having a bad start to this year...we decided on "Take 2" for 2013!  I considered January 1st as roll over minutes from 2012.  So here it is/was January 2nd, the start of my new year and only two people said Happy New Year to me...I got a bunch of "you too's" in response to my Happy New Years.  I  found myself walking away with that slight pitted feeling similar to the one I get when I don't get asked for ID when going out or buying alcohol. What do you mean I don't look younger than 21?!  You must need glasses! HaHa  

Why is it we spend a month wishing people Happy Holidays and only a day or so wishing people a Happy New Year?  Shouldn't it be the other way around?  After all don't they say the first step is the hardest & it's the journey not the destination, etc.  As I
 was leaving dance class tonight I told the teacher "Happy New Beginning" and a few of the people left commented that they liked what I had said and were going to use that from now on.  With that I patted myself on the back (I am my biggest fan and worst critic). 

Receiving more New Beginnings than New Years made me realize this year is A NEW BEGINNING!  We survived the end of the world according to some...we're in the age of Aquarius...anything is possible!  

Reflecting on my own new beginning(s) for 2013 I'm finding more comfort on my journey for life experience(s) rather than material gain.  I'm shifting my perspective to look at things in a more positive/more educational light for example: in the past I had looked at previous relationships as a learning experience even if the lesson had been as minute as used CD's are just as good as new ones.  Recently I have upgraded this to include what positive trait(s) I have gained.  My biggest gain was empowerment and my ability to show true vulnerability even when I didn't receive my fairytale ending (which puzzles me because it always works out in the movies).  Realizing I need to go with the flow more...even if that means just floating for a bit.  Seeds I planted last year, some knowingly, some not so knowingly are starting to come to fruition even though I wasn't in agreement with all of them for I didn't think they fit or followed my plan; thus I am working on need to control things.  Being wise enough to know that dead ends are never permanent, just bumps in the road which make us think outside of our comfort zone to come up with a new solution in order to get where we should be, which is often in a better position than originally expected and things don't ever really end, they just make way for a new as prepared as you can...head out in the direction of your destination...don't forget to leave time for some detours...most importantly: be an active participant on your journey that will be 2013 and don't forget to take time to enjoy the will make the journey more memorable! 

With Divine Love & Light ~H2

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