Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Asparagus is sexy!

We witches know that everything has an energy and a purpose.  The food we eat is often overlooked as being simply food.  Many spring foods have incredible, powerful magical properties on top of being highly nutritious.  Asparagus is one of these spring foods that has power behind it.

Asparagus is pretty phallic making it a masculine plant.  Pair steamed asparagus with some feminine eggs and sunshine yellow hollandaise sauce (a symbolic tie between the two) and you have a perfect fertility meal that screams "Spring is here!"  Remember, fertility, abundance and prosperity are closely related magical concepts.  Strips of chicken, asparagus and pasta with lemon butter sauce are tasty way to invite wealth into your life. Wrap asparagus in prosciutto or bacon and broil this veggie for a spring barbecue that increases your prosperity.

May your spring be full of fertility, prosperity and abundance along with the appropriate amount of sunshine!

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