Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cheese for magic

Cheese probably developed as a food to preserve milk, which is a really difficult task.  Knowing this, it's probably not surprising that cheese is a magical symbol for persistence.  You can use cheese for a bit of personal development to make yourself more persistent, or you can take that energy and combine it with more long term magical needs to give them some staying power.

Yellow cheese are perfect for use with solar energies like courage, justice, and money making.  White cheeses are more lunar and would benefit spell work that focuses on fertility, personal change, and wishes.  Of course, these are simply my interpretations, so feel free to do as you please.  A quesadilla would be an excellent way to combine the money drawing properties of wheat and corn with cheese.  A round pizza with tomatoes for love and basil for protection ans some soft, white mozzarella would be an excellent item for a baby spell.  Bury a bit of old cheese in the garden to eliminate debt. Eat stinky cheeses, like Gorgonzola and Parmasean, to influence opinion (but do brush well after so as not to negatively influence opinion).  If you find that you tend to never finish a project, have snack of cheese under the full moon to encourage completion.

For many of us, the most potent magical ingredients are in our fridges and cupboards.  Herbs and spices tend to be obvious, but many foods have a long history of magical uses, cheese is no exception.  Eating our spell work is a great way to multitask and is an old form of magic- ingestion is powerful sympathetic magic aimed at bring power inside us, literally.

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