Monday, March 11, 2013

Moon Monday

Moon Monday

Yep, that’s what I am calling March’s New Moon Monday.  We are almost out of Mercury Retrograde!  The New Moon in Pisces has a strong influence over our intuition and imagination.  Still in the “self-reflective” mood of the retrograde, the New Moon will deepen those thoughts turning them into more spiritual insights and a drive towards releasing what is yearning to come out from self.  The downside of the Pisces New Moon: it is harder to stay on your path, for frustration comes rather easily causing one to give up without a second thought.  If you’re unclear about the right path begin by pondering what you really want and go for it!  The details will fall into place.  It might help during this time to write it down to stay focused (most adventures start with a map of some sort, why not you)!

The Universal shift towards Divine Love has begun.  Some of us may have begun sensing it with thoughts that float in and out of our head but, unfortunately we are far from seeing it manifested.  In order to fully embrace the gifts of Divine Love one has to start by loving themselves!  Something I have to remind myself of constantly.

Make a wish, light a white candle, do whatever it is you do to connect…New Moons are the best time for beginnings...
Enjoy Moon Monday! 

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