Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Inventing an excuse to celebrate

Heather spent last weekend with me, and as usual, it was fun.  We spread mischief where we went, but somehow missed making mischief we had planned.  We stayed up all night talking, had an adventure (getting pixie led is somewhat less fun than it sounds), and enjoyed the bounty of the season.

Sunday, her last day before returning home, we pulled out the china and silver and threw an impromptu party.  A trip to the farmer's market meant that I bought imperfect, thorny and lush smelling roses from an elderly farmer who has the best garlic in the spring, a variety of flowers from his wife's garden, and tomatoes of many colors and sizes.  Another booth provided peasant bread and herbed focaccia that makes the best base for bruschetta (which was both fabulous and gorgeous with purple, red, gold and green tomatoes).  A salad with strawberries and bright nasturtiums, and some cheese, wine and hummus, we were set.

We laughed and ate and drank and toasted.  Celebrations don't have to be confined to holidays noted on the calendar. Some of the best are spur of the moment, for little or no reason (like to toast Mercury in his retrograde motion).  Pull out the good dishes, make something special for a meal, open a bottle of wine, invite a friend over, and celebrate!   It's good for the soul and it helps to energize your home and your heart.


  1. Pixie led is fun when you are not the one who is supposed to know where you are but only where you need to arrive! LOL