Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Taming the Housework Monster

This summer has been full of cleaning, not just for me, but for our lovely Heather Creates.  It's not over yet, but there are some lessons learned, some resources to share and a lot to think about. Cleaning and organizing your space isn't just a mundane act; it's a magical one.  It is full of symbolic acts, opportunities to change our thinking and our behavior, and it's a good place to start when overhauling large parts of your life. It's also a monster of a topic to organize into a single blog post, so I'm starting a series.

Part one of our "Taming the Housework Monster" series will be basic cleaning tips.  Believe it or not, cleaning is not an intuitive task, and not everyone received instruction on this important, yet boring, topic.  For some of us (not me, because my mom made us clean from an early age), learning how to get started is crucial.  I have a few basic, adaptable tips to make cleaning more efficient. The next segment will cover the mental preparations to cleaning.  Not everyone gets up and gets to work cleaning and de-cluttering and organizing without some motivation.  Some of us (especially me), need some psyching up to get to work. 
Segment three will be magical.  A few of my favorite magical, yet practical, cleaning tips will be featured here. The fourth installment will focus on greener cleaning.  Over the years, I have done away with most of my chemical cleaners.  This summer, I went even further and made some reusable cleaning tools.  The last two segments will be a resource guide and an etsy treasury to get you inspired to be green, to be magical, and to get things clean and organized.

I hope you are all excited to see this series. It's really been a summer's worth of work, and a few of my accomplishments are things I'm really proud of, like my Swiffer Wet Jet hack and my pads for it.  I'm also finding some spiritual and psychological value in dealing with the clutter in my home.  The energy is changing, and hopefully soon, I won't hate this apartment quite the way I have.  As always, feel free to share your stories, tips, and spells.  If I get enough of them, I'll make a special post just to share those.  Watch for these posts to be out once a week, probably on Wednesdays.  Cheers!

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