Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Magically loving ourselves

The most important step towards finding happiness is to love ourselves.  Sometimes this is easy to do, and other times it's very difficult.  As witches, we can use a little magic to remind us to do this.  There are lots of ways to remind yourself to make the loving choice.

  • Schedule a "me" night.  Light some candles, give yourself a pedicure, take a bath, have a glass of wine, have a facial.  Pamper yourself.  Taking care of yourself is the best way to love yourself.  It need not be extravagant to be effective.  You could also turn this me time into a ritual that focuses your energy.  You might try my Smooth Your Path bath ritual.
  • Choose a talisman to remind yourself to be gentle with your own feelings.  My suggestions are a rose quartz heart, a spiral or labyrinth, or a bit of calcite for forgiveness.  Pick something that speaks to your heart. It could also be something like a scent that you wear or piece of everyday jewelry, but it should be something easy to keep close.  When you've picked your talisman, take a moment to concentrate your intention on it, at this moment, it will be transformed from a lump of rock or bit of metal into a magical object.
  • Light a candle for a few minutes each day and bless yourself.  Don't wait for other people to bless you.  Consciously and actively welcome love into your life.
  • Treat yourself!  A cup of rose petal tea and cookie or piece of chocolate can be a treat.  As you eat your treat, imagine that food being full of loving energy that spreads throughout your body as it digests.  As long as you keep the amount reasonable, there is no reason you can't have a bit of edible happiness each day.
I hope each and every one of you has a magical and wonderful Valentine's Day.  I bless you with kindness to yourself and all the love you need,