Friday, February 22, 2013

Step Lightly...Mercury Retrograde


Feb 23 – March 17th  a trice yearly event lasting about a three weeks

It's that time again!  Mercury Retrograde tends to have the strongest planetary retrograde effect on us. It gives the illusion that things are on track and then crash sudden disruption, especially in the forms of communication, finances and electronics (which seems to be our life lines these days).  Through all of the upheaval that is caused it is hard to see it has a perk INNER REFLECTION.  Making one ask numerous questions: are you on the right path, is the route the best route?  If not, formulate a plan, or two, have them ready to put it into action when Mercury has “left” retrograde... then wait a few days just to be safe!   During this time period err on the side of caution triple check your emails & itineraries...all forms of communication with not be what they seem.  I find my communication issue are more of the "I think I'm being funny" when it comes across as sarcastic or mean.  It is hard for me to understand how people can't hear my voice inflictions in my emails; that's crazy?! Crazy? CRAZY!

I’m sure we can all look back on the last Mercury Retrograde, November 6 – 26th and see what thing(s) in our lives were effected and if you made the corrections necessary for your forward growth.  If not this is a time for a "do over" or reevaluation.  This gives this years St. Patrick's Day something extra to be celebrating!  Everything will be green just like your new plans!  Don't worry if you aren't on course by the end of this one you'll have two more changes later on this year: June 26-July 20th & October 21- November 10th.

Just a reminder Planets are like relatives they maybe gone but you are still feeling their effects for three days after (if not longer if you have my family)!